[one-users] Request for comments: Sunstone dashboard

Daniel Dehennin daniel.dehennin at baby-gnu.org
Sat Mar 22 09:03:47 PDT 2014

Stefan Kooman <stefan at bit.nl> writes:



As Stefan point it out so clearly, I'll just “plus” him ;-)

> - Make it interactive
> Currently it's a static page with graphs being updated every
> $update_interval. It would be nice to be able to click "Storage",
> "Users", "Network", "Hosts", "Virtual Machines" and get there right
> away. This will save you at least one click.


> - Drill down funtionality
> The dashboard could function as a "gateway" to a (new) "Statistics" page.
> Clicking on for example "Virtual Machines" would give you all relevant
> information about VM statistics. Clicking on an individual vm on that
> page would give you all relevant info about that particular machine. With
> all statistics for this vm nicely organized (network, disk, cpu, mem,
> etc.).


As I do not use zones and VDC, I have no opinion about them.


Daniel Dehennin
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