[one-users] Request for comments: Sunstone dashboard

Stefan Kooman stefan at bit.nl
Sat Mar 22 06:45:46 PDT 2014

Quoting Carlos Martín Sánchez (cmartin at opennebula.org):
> Dear community,
> As you may know if you tried the beta release, we are doing a facelift to
> Sunstone. We are now improving the refresh mechanism to improve the
> performance and alleviate the load Sunstone puts on OpenNebula.
> To remove as many refresh calls, we are going to simplify the dashboard.
> Right now it shows aggregated historic graphs for the VM network speed, and
> the Host CPU and Memory.
> We will change it to show only the instantaneous number of VMs in each
> state, and the instantaneous cpu and memory usage. Plus the existing
> storage, users, and network stats. Possibly, we will also add the current
> quota usage.
> The information shown by the graphs we are going to remove will be still
> accessible for each VM/Host in the individual info view.
> We'd appreciate your comments on what information you would like to see in
> the dashboard, for both admins and regular users.

I've been discussing this with a collegue of mine. We have some ideas
on improving the Dashboard. It might be more than a facelift though,
but we think it would make the dasyboard more useful than it's now. Here we go:

- Make it interactive
Currently it's a static page with graphs being updated every
$update_interval. It would be nice to be able to click "Storage",
"Users", "Network", "Hosts", "Virtual Machines" and get there right
away. This will save you at least one click.

- Drill down funtionality
The dashboard could function as a "gateway" to a (new) "Statistics" page.
Clicking on for example "Virtual Machines" would give you all relevant
information about VM statistics. Clicking on an individual vm on that
page would give you all relevant info about that particular machine. With
all statistics for this vm nicely organized (network, disk, cpu, mem,

- Add Virtual Datacenter / Resource groups
Would be nice to have stats/quota info on these as well.

- Add quota / accounting
I would definately add "quota" and "accounting" info. Especially for
"users" and VDC admins this will be useful info. Instead of having
absolute numbers, like "2.1 TB" used storage, a (VDC) / oneadmin would
like to know how close he is to limits. 2.1 TB of used storage might be
1% of capacitiy, but if that would mean datastores are 95% full the
(VDC) / oneadmin definately wants to take action immediately. Elaborating on
this: It would be nice to get an (overall) "cloud health". All resources
below thresholds would give "green" light, all the way up to "red"
(resources exceeding critical thresholds). This would definately make it
dashboard like and "cloud managers" will love it ;).

Our 2 cents.

Gr. Stefan

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