[one-users] templates and images explanation needed

Aradyel panoramisk at gmx.es
Wed Jul 16 10:31:51 PDT 2014

> Hello,
> We would like to create a few templates with persistent images so they
> can be shared with a group of users, so then users can provision new
> VM's, each having its own VM with persistent image. The persistent image
> is bacause we want that VM's be users personal VM's (aka desktops).
> But if I create VM from a template, this VM is using image from template
> so when another users wants to create another VM from this template, he
> can't because image is in use. If this is correct behaviour I wonder
> what is the purpose of this. Can someone explain this?
> Thanks
> Pawel

In the context of Opennebula the persistent image indicates that the 
changes done after shutting down the VM will return to the image (will 
be updated).
 From the documentation:
"Note that depending on the Datastore type a persistent image can be a 
link to the original image,
so any modification is directly made on the image."

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