[one-users] templates and images explanation needed

Mateusz Skała mateusz.skala at budikom.net
Thu Jul 17 04:15:55 PDT 2014

W dniu 2014-07-16 19:31, Aradyel napisał(a):
>> Hello,
>> We would like to create a few templates with persistent images so they
>> can be shared with a group of users, so then users can provision new
>> VM's, each having its own VM with persistent image. The persistent 
>> image
>> is bacause we want that VM's be users personal VM's (aka desktops).
>> But if I create VM from a template, this VM is using image from 
>> template
>> so when another users wants to create another VM from this template, 
>> he
>> can't because image is in use. If this is correct behaviour I wonder
>> what is the purpose of this. Can someone explain this?
>> Thanks
>> Pawel
> In the context of Opennebula the persistent image indicates that the
> changes done after shutting down the VM will return to the image (will
> be updated).
> From the documentation:
> "Note that depending on the Datastore type a persistent image can be a
> link to the original image,
> so any modification is directly made on the image."

Can You explain how to deploy in Opennebula database application for ex. 
MySQL or MS SQL? If database data will be saved to image only when VM 
shutt down, then in case of hypervisor crush I'will lost recent changes.


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