[one-users] user authentication failed in LDAP configuration

Sudeep Narayan Banerjee snbanerjee at iitgn.ac.in
Thu Jul 3 00:10:08 PDT 2014

Dear Sir,

I am trying to configure ldap in opennebula.

I have added string *default* under AUTH_MAD in /etc/one/oned.conf file.

    executable = "one_auth_mad",
#    authn = "ssh,x509,ldap,server_cipher,server_x509"
    authn = "ssh,x509,ldap,*default*,server_cipher,server_x509"

Also I have set up the ldap.conf file with below configurations.
    :auth_method: :simple

    # Ldap server
#    :host: localhost
    :host:  // also can provide the hostname
    :port: 389

    # Uncomment this line for tsl conections
    #:encryption: :simple_tls

    # base hierarchy where to search for users and groups
    #:base: 'dc=domain'
    :base: 'dc=iitgn,dc=ac,dc=in'

    # group the users need to belong to. If not set any user will do
    #:group: 'cn=cloud,ou=groups,dc=domain'

    # field that holds the user name, if not set 'cn' will be used
    :user_field: 'cn'

    # for Active Directory use this user_field instead
    #:user_field: 'sAMAccountName'

    # field name for group membership, by default it is 'member'
    #:group_field: 'member'
    :group_field: 'eduPersonAffiliation'

    # user field that that is in in the group group_field, if not set 'dn'
will be used
    #:user_group_field: 'dn'

Do I need to provide anywhere the password of the ldap server to test its

Thanks & Regards,
Sudeep Narayan Banerjee
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