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Daniel Molina dmolina at opennebula.org
Wed Feb 5 03:12:30 PST 2014

Hi Daniel,

On 4 February 2014 19:15, Daniel Dehennin <daniel.dehennin at baby-gnu.org>wrote:

> Jaime Melis <jmelis at opennebula.org> writes:
> > Dear community,
> Hello,
> > we are pleased to announce the release of AppMarket 2.0 Beta:
> > http://opennebula.org/appmarket-2-0-beta-1-9-80/
> I discuss with some colleagues used to some very expensive proprietary
> software, I gather their needs to study the opportunity to switch part
> of their infrastructure to ONE.
> What they call "catalogue" is very important to them and they have a
> use-flow based on it, I'm preparing some redmine requests but I take the
> opportunity of this thread to ask some questions.

Feedback is always more than welcome. Feature requests for the AppMarket
are handled through the Github issues.

> NB: I do not setup an AppMarket yet.
> > This release brings many new goodies to the AppMarket:
> >
> > AppMarket
> >
> > - Multi-image Appliances: AppMarket Appliances can now have multiple
> disks,
> > which creates new possibilities to upload and register more complex and
> > feature complete Appliances.
> Does this mean we can store and distribute a complete OneFlow service?

Currently OneFlow services are not supported, but it wouldn't be difficult
to add this option. Currently, multi-image support means you can provide
more than one image/datablock/cdrom for a given VM (1 VM Template -
Multiple Disks) and the relationship is defined in the opennebula_template
attribute. We could include an opennebula_service_template attribute also.

> Is there a way to clearly identify and group appliances by version, like:
> - one entry per appliance
> - one sub-entry per appliance version, with some sorting newest
>   first/last
Appliances currently have an attribute "version", you can update the
appliances and increment this value, but the original appliances will
disappear. Why do you want to keep old versions of the appliance?

> I'm wondering about storage size, does AppMarket use the same storage as
> ONE or the disks are copied from ONE to AppMarket?
> I do not see clearly what is the storage requirement and how things get
> together between AppMarket/ONE/Sunstone.

By default AppMarket does not store any image, just the metadata of the
appliance, therefore the url is just a reference to the file and it could
be stored in a third party server. This is how the OpenNebula Marketplace
works [1]. When you import an appliance from the AppMarket to OpenNebula, a
new image is create an the path attribute contains the url of the file;
this file will be downloaded to the specified datastore by the DS driver.

In AppMarket 2.0 a new component was included, AppMarket Worker. This
component allows you to create appliances from an OVA file. The OVA file is
provided as an url and the worker will download, unpack and store the
images and will update the appliance with the new urls for the files. The
storage used by this component is not related to OpenNebula.

So you can create appliances in two different ways:
1. Providing the urls of the files and the opennebula_template. In this
case the Worker will not do anything.
2. Providing an OVA file. In this case the Worker will unpack and store the
files and will generate the opennebula_template and files section of the

> > - Sunstone Import: users will be able to import registered Appliances to
> > OpenNebula via Sunstone by using pre-filled Image and Template creation
> > forms.
> >
> > - Sunstone Views: two new Sunstone views: an AppMarket *admin* view, that
> > allows full control of the AppMarket, and a *user* view, that allows end
> > users to import registered appliances.
> In the documentation "Create an Appliance"[1], we must provide "the URLs
> of the files and the OpenNebula template in the Appliance creation
> form".
> Is there a way to push appliances from ONE/Sunstone, I read "From
> AppMarket 2.0 creating an appliance can be also done through the
> AppMarket tab in Sunstone".
> Providing a new VM/OneFlow action "Store in AppMarket" could be
> great ;-)

Currently, this is not supported but it would be a nifty feature, "Export
VM/Service", a step forward in terms of portability

Thank you for your feedback

[1] http://marketplace.c12g.com/appliance

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