[one-users] AppMarket 2.0 Beta (1.9.80) release

Daniel Dehennin daniel.dehennin at baby-gnu.org
Wed Feb 5 05:02:03 PST 2014

Daniel Molina <dmolina at opennebula.org> writes:


> Feedback is always more than welcome. Feature requests for the AppMarket
> are handled through the Github issues.
> https://github.com/OpenNebula/addon-appmarket/issues?state=open

Thanks, noted.


> Currently OneFlow services are not supported, but it wouldn't be difficult
> to add this option. Currently, multi-image support means you can provide
> more than one image/datablock/cdrom for a given VM (1 VM Template -
> Multiple Disks) and the relationship is defined in the opennebula_template
> attribute. We could include an opennebula_service_template attribute
> also.

I'll add a Github request for this.


> Appliances currently have an attribute "version", you can update the
> appliances and increment this value, but the original appliances will
> disappear. Why do you want to keep old versions of the appliance?

This would permit to manage different states for an application:

- old-stable
- stable
- next


> By default AppMarket does not store any image, just the metadata of the
> appliance, therefore the url is just a reference to the file and it could
> be stored in a third party server. This is how the OpenNebula Marketplace
> works [1]. When you import an appliance from the AppMarket to OpenNebula, a
> new image is create an the path attribute contains the url of the file;
> this file will be downloaded to the specified datastore by the DS driver.
> In AppMarket 2.0 a new component was included, AppMarket Worker. This
> component allows you to create appliances from an OVA file. The OVA file is
> provided as an url and the worker will download, unpack and store the
> images and will update the appliance with the new urls for the files. The
> storage used by this component is not related to OpenNebula.
> So you can create appliances in two different ways:
> 1. Providing the urls of the files and the opennebula_template. In this
> case the Worker will not do anything.
> 2. Providing an OVA file. In this case the Worker will unpack and store the
> files and will generate the opennebula_template and files section of the
> appliance.

Thanks for the clarification.


>> Is there a way to push appliances from ONE/Sunstone, I read "From
>> AppMarket 2.0 creating an appliance can be also done through the
>> AppMarket tab in Sunstone".
>> Providing a new VM/OneFlow action "Store in AppMarket" could be
>> great ;-)
> Currently, this is not supported but it would be a nifty feature, "Export
> VM/Service", a step forward in terms of portability

To avoid duplicating images, it could be interesting that ONE provides
public URLs for images usable as AppMarket URL.


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