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Jose Angel Diaz joseangel.diaz at cenatic.es
Tue Dec 2 06:18:58 PST 2014

Hi Manuel

Have you test that the udev is not conflicting with your context interfaces?

After install the context packages it's necesary to clean the resol.conf,
delete some ifcfg-ethxx scripts on the system to make the context correctly
change the info in the machine.

Some time the /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules

To add some scripts to execute on the context stage you could add some
scripts in the /etc/one-context.d dir with a correct secuential number and
it could be launched inside the VM when is starting.

Hope it helps..

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2014-12-02 15:01 GMT+01:00 Manuel Alfonso López Rourich <
alfonso.lopez at cenits.es>:

> Good morning,
> I'd like to ask you a question about network contextualization of VMs.
> I had created a template with CentOS (in Contextualization tag "Add
> network contextualization" and "Add SSH contextualization" is enabled.
> After deploying a VM, I can see that there is a context.sh file with the
> content of some network parameters (ETH0_GATEWAY, etc.) but network is not
> configured correctly after the deployment of a vm (to fix it I have to
> execute (1) *ifconfig eth0 some_ip* and (2) *route add default gw*)
> How could I modify some script so that after booting a vm those commands
> are executed automatically?
> Thank you very much
> Best regards
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