[one-users] Network contextualization VM

Manuel Alfonso López Rourich alfonso.lopez at cenits.es
Tue Dec 2 06:01:54 PST 2014

Good morning,

I'd like to ask you a question about network contextualization of VMs.

I had created a template with CentOS (in Contextualization tag "Add network
contextualization" and "Add SSH contextualization" is enabled.

After deploying a VM, I can see that there is a context.sh file with the
content of some network parameters (ETH0_GATEWAY, etc.) but network is not
configured correctly after the deployment of a vm (to fix it I have to
execute (1) *ifconfig eth0 some_ip* and (2) *route add default gw*)

How could I modify some script so that after booting a vm those commands
are executed automatically?

Thank you very much

Best regards
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