[one-users] BLACK and WHITE_PORTS with open vswitch

Oriol Martí omarti at cesca.cat
Mon Feb 18 02:52:43 PST 2013

I'm deploying the Open vswitch driver and when I create one VM with the 
BLACK and WHITE_PORTS it doesn't work.

I've seen the code and I'm not sure, but I think that white port is not 
implemented and the black ports only is doing a strip for "," not by 
":", then if you want to configure a VM with all the ports closed and 
only opened the 80 is very difficult to do because you would have to 
write all the ports, one by one, and is impossible to indicate a range 
of ports like 80:65535

I'm thinking to write the code necessary to do that, but I'm not sure, 
because I don't know the reason why is not finished.... Does anybody 
know something about that?

Best regards,

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