[one-users] OpenNebula SSH Problem ?

Héctor Sanjuán hsanjuan at opennebula.org
Tue Oct 18 15:44:23 PDT 2011

El 18/10/11 23:53, Clément Berthelot escribió:
> I realized I couldn't connect from the frontend to the node with SSH (connection closed immediately by the node). This is really weird because it works perfectly the other way around (from the node to the frontend) not asking for any password or anything, which means that the problem does not come from the SSH Key/permissions.

OpenNebula must be able to ssh the node passwordless. That is, ssh from
the frontend to the node (and not from the node to the frontend, as I
understand from your message).

Try manually ssh-ing to the node from the frontend with the oneadmin
user. It should work like that, otherwise opennebula wont be able to
monitor the host etc...

If further problems, attach oned.log...

Hope it helps,


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