[one-users] State Diagram incomplete

Carsten.Friedrich at csiro.au Carsten.Friedrich at csiro.au
Mon Jan 24 14:50:21 PST 2011

Thanks for updating the state diagram (http://opennebula.org/_detail/documentation:rel2.0:states.png?id=documentation%3Arel2.0%3Avm_guide) . It seems it is not quite complete yet:

* "unknown" also allows the action "restart"
* There is a state "boot" which is missing in the diagram and which allows the action "restart" and "delete"
* "running" allows action "delete"
* I think "suspend" eventually goes to "suspended" not "save"; and doesn't "stop" go past "save" as well?

And, most importantly for me:

* Could you annotate the diagram to indicate in which state it is allowed to request and image save; and which transition will actually execute the image save?


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