[one-users] Why to use Opennebula?

Juan José Fuentes Juanjose.Fuentes at sigmaaie.org
Mon Aug 29 02:36:29 PDT 2011

Thank you Steffen for your answer.

As I said, the prime intention is to construct a private cloud to provide SaaS to our clients. C12G will be necessary if we carry on the project , but just in its final phase.

I thought using Opennebula I could, i.e. create a virtual machine that uses RAM from 2 physical hosts, but as far as I read that's not possible.

Of course, the first step will be to create the private cloud in a test environment and perform a lot of tests before provide the SaaS to our clients. But what I was wondering is what are the main features of Opennebula that will be helpful in that process. One of them could be the centralitation of the virtual machines management, but I think that could be achive also with other products like Xen, which I've never used just read some features... 

 I mean that introducing Opennebula in our architecture involves complicate it, so it must offer some advantatges that make it worth, and are those advantages that I'm trying to find out.

In other words, what's the advantage of using Opennebula in a vmware or xen environment when these products have their own management consoles...? How could I justify to my boss the investment, in hours and support (c12g), to use Opennebula?

Surely I ask these questions because I'm not sure what is or what it involves having a private cloud...

Thank you,

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On Mon, 2011-08-29 at 07:52 +0000, Juan José Fuentes wrote:
> I'm back from holidays and I don't remember 

> why I should use Opennebula instead of Xen (that it also allows live migration) or someother products...
What for ? Unless you lay out the use case, the answers 
can only point into the blue!

> I don't know if this is the appropiate forum
basically yes.

> excuse me if it isn't, but actually I just want to justify to my boss the use of this product.
> Also I want to ask to the community if someone is using Opennebula in production environments. 
> We are thinking about providing our products as SaaS, 
> and one way could be creating our own private cloud, I was wondering if Opennebula could meet those needs.
Depending on your needs, you might consider 
the professional C12G support. On our smallish 
cluster for research related simulations we don't need it,
but if some business relies on it, you might be better off
with some professionals for support cases.


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