[one-users] tune 'onevm saveas' behavior for OpenVZ

knawnd at gmail.com knawnd at gmail.com
Fri Aug 12 01:59:39 PDT 2011

knawnd at gmail.com wrote on 28/07/11 20:15:
> So for now I would like to make a 'onevm saveas' command work with
> OpenVZ VMs as well as if the SAVE sub-attribute is set to yes for
> OpenNebula 2.2.1. As far as I understand both these features trigger
> $ONE_LOCATOIN/share/hooks/image.rb script. So in order to achieve a
> desired behavior a command like 'tar -czf $VM_DIR/<VMID>/images/disk.0
> -C /vz/private/<VMID>/ *' must be executed in the beginning of that hook
> (image.rb) what would replace the original disk.0 file. Is that correct?
$ONE_LOCATOIN/share/hooks/image.rb is executed on front-end node but VM 
working dir needs to be archived on cluster node. So I see not so much 
1) add the execution of tar command on remote node in image.rb hook 
which is executed on local (front-end) node i.e. such approach breaks 
the local/remote hooks logic;
2) create one more custom hook what has to be executed on remote node 
and what would archive VM working dir. But there are several issues here:
- how  one can make sure that custom hook will be executed before 
image.rb one since both of them should be triggered when VM reaches the 
DONE state,
- how make that custom hook trigger only upon 'onevm saveas' command 
execution or if SAVE sub-attribute of DISK attribute is set to YES.

Any help on that is highly appreciated!

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