[one-users] Problem compiling OpenNebula 2.0

Giuseppe Biolo giuseppe.biolo at gmail.com
Tue Oct 12 05:41:41 PDT 2010

I have some problems in compiling OpenNebula git repository.
I use Ubuntu Server 10.04 64bit and I've installed libxmlrpc-c3-dev (using
When I launch the scons command:

$ scons

I obtain this output:


scons: Reading SConscript files ...

Testing recipe: pkg-config
 Error calling pkg-config xmlrpc_server_abyss++ --static --libs
Testing recipe: xml-c-config
g++ .xmlrpc_test/xmlrpc_test.c456ac.cc -o .... etc.

Testing recipe: mixed hardcoded libraries and xmlrpc-c-config (debian lenny)
g++ .xmlrpc_test/xmlrpc_test.c456ac.cc -o ..... etc.

Testing recipe: hardcoded libraries for Mac OS X (installed using port)
g++ .xmlrpc_test/xmlrpc_test.c456ac.cc -o ..... etc.

Error searching for xmlrpc-c libraries. Please check this things:

 * You have installed development libraries for xmlrpc-c. One way to check
this is calling xmlrpc-c-config that is provided with the development
 * Check that the version of xmlrpc-c is at least 1.06. You can do this also
   $ xmlrpc-c-config -- version
 * If all this requirements are already met please send log files located in
.xmlrpc_test to the mailng list.


If I call the command:

$ xmlrpc-c-config --version

the answer is 1.06.27.

The attached archive contains the log files located in .xmlrpc_test

Have you any idea??

Giuseppe Biolo.
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