[one-users] VM hangs in pending state with KVM

Javier Fontan jfontan at gmail.com
Mon Mar 22 11:08:40 PDT 2010


The problem is that the monitorization script is not getting
TOTALMEMORY. Go to the execution host as oneadmin user, enter dir
/tmp/one-im and execute the biggest stript as this:

$ ruby -wd <name of the script> and send me the output. There should
be some problem getting information.


2010/3/4 Richard Redweik <richard.redweik at uni-muenster.de>:
> Dear list,
> thanks for help so far!
> As mentioned earlier, we tried to get Opennebula running with Xen-hypervisor.
> Because we got stuck (at the moment, we don't get the vm's ip adress), we
> changed to KVM and tried to get it working. At the moment we are developing
> our system parallel with xen and kvm. Our new setup for KVM is CentOS as
> frontend and Ubuntu 9.10 as worker-node.
> Now, with KVM, we got new problems:
> Nothing is copied from the front-end to the worker-node; no image and no
> deployment.0 file. So the vm hangs in pending state. We modified the
> vm-template, as described in the documentation.
> As in the sched.log, the host is discovered:
> Thu Mar  4 16:14:16 2010 [HOST][D]: Discovered Hosts (enabled): 1
> Thu Mar  4 16:14:16 2010 [VM][D]: Pending virtual machines : 76
> Thu Mar  4 16:14:16 2010 [RANK][W]: No rank defined for VM
> Thu Mar  4 16:14:16 2010 [SCHED][I]: Select hosts
>        PRI     HID
>        -------------------
> Virtual Machine: 76
> The output of the kvm.rb is as follows:
> FREEMEMORY=1770720
> FREECPU=198.6
> USEDCPU=1.40000000000001
> I think there is enough free memory, since the vm gets 256MB.
> Maybe the clue is, that not all keys got a value?
> And the oned.log is attached.
> Does someone have an idea, why nothing is copied to the worker node and the vm
> remains in pending state?
> I would appreciate every hint!
> Best regards,
> Richard
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