[one-users] onevm - zombie vm

Nikola Garafolic nikola.garafolic at srce.hr
Thu Mar 4 02:15:01 PST 2010

Hello, my answers are inline.

Tino Vazquez wrote:
> Hi Shi Jin, Nikola,
>  This seems like a bug, we will need more info to address the problem.
> We would appreciate it if you'll be so kind to provide more feedback
> on:
> * Which driver are you using (xen,kvm,vmware)?


> * In what state was the VM prior to the delete action?


> * If the machine has a network lease, can you check directly in the
> network to see if the lease has been released?

Lease has been released

> * Did the VM generate a transfer.prolog and/or transfer.epilog in
> $ONE_LOCATION/var/<vmid>/ ?

I only have empty vm.log file. I deleted all vm files due to image using 
free space, sorry.

> * Is the vm.log not showing relevant info or completely empty?

My vm.log is completely empty. I did restart one few times after my VMs 
stuck. Then I went and delete files, and now only have empty vm.log.


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