[one-users] Survey - About Feature #189

Tino Vazquez tinova79 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 1 09:16:54 PST 2010

Dear OpenNebula users,

Feature #189 [1] is posing us a design question, and we would like to
ask the community about it.

When resolving contextualization substitutions, first the template is
written in the database and then a parsing is applied to resolve the
$variables present in the contextualization section. This design stems
from the cross references that can be done with others VMs, i.e,

master_public_ip=  "$83.$NIC[IP, NETWORK=\"Public\"]"

will be getting the IP of network interface attached to network
"Public" of the machine with id 83.

It is the case that, removing this feature (cross references to other
VMs in the contextualization section, not the references to the VM own
template), we can save one DB write to the database, and thus increase
the throughput of machines that can be sent to OpenNebula.

We would like to survey members of the community to find users that
use this feature, and, if possible, to what extend and purpose.

[1] http://dev.opennebula.org/issues/189

Constantino Vázquez, Grid & Virtualization Technology
Engineer/Researcher: http://www.dsa-research.org/tinova
DSA Research Group: http://dsa-research.org
Globus GridWay Metascheduler: http://www.GridWay.org
OpenNebula Virtual Infrastructure Engine: http://www.OpenNebula.org

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