[one-users] Use cases for consideration

Sergio Maffioletti, Grid Computing Competence Center sergio.maffioletti at gc3.uzh.ch
Thu Mar 11 09:19:27 PST 2010

Dear All

I just joined the mailing list as I would like to find out whether 
OpenNebula could serve the purposes of our usecases.

We are going to start an explorative project trying to implement a solution 
for managing VMs to allow users to run complex scientific applications

Our main requirement is the possibility of integrating whatever VM 
management solution with the local resources (normally controlled by LRMS: 
Condor, SGE, PBS)

the first usecase is a sort of Local cloud:

we would like to integrate our own local resources (typically a Condor pool 
or an SGE cluster) and allow users to run applications in VMs (basically one 
VM per application).
The overall solution should provide a user interface batch-like where users 
can create a job description (pretty much like in SGE,PBS or in any sort of 
The solution should be able to identify which VM correspond to the user's 
request; deploy the VM on the local infrastructure, start it up and have it 
integrated as an additional execution node of the LRMS (being Condor or 
Finally the LRMS job is submitted (and hopefully executed within the started 

The system should also monitor the status of the LRMS job and of the VM; 
then, once the job is completed, stop the VM.
The system should also be able to decide whether the VM should be stopped, 
paused or just left up for the next queued job.

Accounting should also be harmonized with the LRMS

The second usecase is a sort of Hybrid cloud:

As an extension of the above mentioned case, it should be possible to 
integrate external clouds (like EC2) seamlessly.
VM deployment and monitoring as well as accounting report should be 
adaptable to cope with this usecase
Ideally the cloud should be used to host VM that, somehow, should be seen at 
the LRMS as just additional compute nodes

I would really appreciate some input and/or feedback on whether and how 
OpenNebula could provide the functionalities we are looking for,
or knowing that I'm completely off the track :)

thanks in advance

Sergio :)

sergio.maffioletti at gc3.uzh.ch
University of Zurich
Winterthurerstrasse 190
CH-8057 Zurich Switzerland
Tel: +41 44 635 4222
Fax: +41 44 635 6888

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