[one-users] VM unreachable via ssh

Denis Jurkovic DenisJurkovic at web.de
Mon Jun 8 03:50:31 PDT 2009

Hi ,

i created a Xen Image via xen-tools an tried to start a VM with the xm-Commands. the Vm was up and running and i was able to reach it via ssh. so far so good.
I next tried to deploy a vm via openebula based on the same image. the onevm list command says that the vm is running, but when i try to log in via ssh i can't connect to the VM. 

i also tried to log in with the xm console, it didn't work because of some device isn't mounted or is waited for and can't be mounted

Do one of you know what im doing wrong ? or is there some kind of other way to connect ? 

Any hint would be great !

best regards 

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