[one-users] Feedback on Listing at teachingopensource.org

Leslie Hawthorn mebelh at gmail.com
Thu Apr 2 12:10:39 PDT 2009

Hello everyone,

I am writing to provide you feedback on your Help Wanted listing on
teachingopensource.org, specifically at

Overall, your listing is great. Since you mention you are willing to do in
person mentoring, I would suggest listing where you have live mentors
available at the city, state/province, country level. It will make it much
easier for folks looking for live mentors to approach you if they know they
can find you nearby.

Your Ideas list is a bit light on skillsets required, e.g. programming
languages, development tools (e.g. we use Subversion). Other links to
documentation and other resources would be great; I see some listed for some
ideas but not for others. Maybe these resources don't exist since you are a
young project. If that's the case, would it be worth listing creating such
resources on your site?

I'd like to organize an IRC meeting for the folks who have signed up  on the
teachingopensource.org FOSS Mentor Projects wiki page, and plan  to organize
the meeting time, etc., on the teachingopensource.org  mailing list. Would
whomever from your team is interested in attending, please ensure that
you're signed up on this mailing list? It's pretty low traffic and I will
prefix all messages with [MENTORS] in the subject line so you can further
filter your mail.


I'm hoping to schedule this meeting to take place the week of April 20th so
this should give you some time to subscribe.

Looking forward to working with you folks!

Leslie Hawthorn
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