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Alvaro Canales accleo at gmail.com
Thu Sep 4 08:59:24 PDT 2008

Hello Borja,

On Thu, Sep 4, 2008 at 5:22 PM, Borja Sotomayor <borja at borjanet.com> wrote:

> Hi Alvaro,
>  Yes, I have tried, and it looks very useful indeed. :)
>> But I'm getting a "no route to host" problem when I use the xmlrpc
>> library. I guess I have port 2633 closed in the node where ONE is working,
>> but that's a requirement I cannot  touch... Or may I be doing something
>> wrong? Because there is of course connection between both hosts (I can ssh,
>> etc) and ONE is working properly, so the server is up... Do you think I have
>> a configuration problem?
> Are you running oned and your client on different hosts? If so, if you are
> capable of running commands like "onevm submit" and "onevm deploy", the
> XMLRPC connection should be working fine, since those commands use the
> XMLRPC API. Please let us know, so we can figure out if it's a network
> problem (e.g., a firewall) or a specific problem with the Java API.

I think it might be a firewall problem. I'll tell you what I've found. But
yes, I'm running my client and oned in different hosts. And I can do onevm
submit from oned host and ssh onevm submit from the other host. So I guess
XMLRPC server it's working, but something prevents it access...
I think I may have the port blocked, I'll tell you :)

>  By the way, I keep thinking that managing VM via its provided name, would
>> be a very nice feature :)
> I'm not one of the ONE developers, but I seem to remember this idea has
> been discussed in the past. One way of making sure that your suggestion
> doesn't get lost in the mailing list is to create a Trac ticket with a
> feature request:
>        http://trac.opennebula.org/newticket

Ok, you're right. I'll see if the ticket exists and, if not, try to add a
new one. Thank you for the suggestion :)
Best regards,


> Cheers!
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