[one-users] Acces ONE command line returned messages

Borja Sotomayor borja at borjanet.com
Thu Sep 4 08:22:08 PDT 2008

Hi Alvaro,

> Yes, I have tried, and it looks very useful indeed. :)
> But I'm getting a "no route to host" problem when I use the xmlrpc 
> library. I guess I have port 2633 closed in the node where ONE is 
> working, but that's a requirement I cannot  touch... Or may I be doing 
> something wrong? Because there is of course connection between both 
> hosts (I can ssh, etc) and ONE is working properly, so the server is 
> up... Do you think I have a configuration problem?

Are you running oned and your client on different hosts? If so, if you 
are capable of running commands like "onevm submit" and "onevm deploy", 
the XMLRPC connection should be working fine, since those commands use 
the XMLRPC API. Please let us know, so we can figure out if it's a 
network problem (e.g., a firewall) or a specific problem with the Java API.

> By the way, I keep thinking that managing VM via its provided name, 
> would be a very nice feature :)

I'm not one of the ONE developers, but I seem to remember this idea has 
been discussed in the past. One way of making sure that your suggestion 
doesn't get lost in the mailing list is to create a Trac ticket with a 
feature request:


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