[one-dev] Introductory tasks for new OpenNebula hackers

Daniel Dehennin daniel.dehennin at baby-gnu.org
Sat Oct 26 04:50:10 PDT 2013


I'm a small newcommer as OpenNebula user:

* 2 nodes at work
* 1 at home

and I'm completely incompetent as OpenNebula hacker and I want to
change that :-D

I saw a great idea[1] from GNUnet[2]:

    “Provide a list of easy tasks for OpenNebula aspirant hacker”

This way, people can learn:

- the code itself and how it's articulated

- the process of having patches integrated (quality, documentation,

- how to interact with OpenNebula community

The OpenNebula community can see some low priority tasks done without
disturbing too much the core developers.

To bootstrap this process, I identified several things which could be

- Add a new redmine tracker to clearly identify tasks, they can be moved
  to other trackers depending on needs (funding, becoming important
  enough to wait volunteers, etc.)

- Communicate through mailing-lists and http://opennebula.org/community:contribute

- Identifying easy tasks and put them in corresponding tracker, maybe
  adding some hints to help identifying where to start

Another point could be to describe how to setup a good development
environment and practices.

This could increase the quality of contributions if people can setup
some test bed and get through a “checklist before submit”.

What do you think about this?


[1]  https://gnunet.org/introductory-tasks

[2]  sure others are doing the same ;-)

Daniel Dehennin
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