[one-dev] OpenNebula LXC Addon

Valentin Bud valentin at databus.pro
Wed Oct 30 01:06:52 PDT 2013

Hi Jaime,

On Sat, Oct 26, 2013 at 01:12:10PM +0200, Jaime Melis wrote:
> Hi Valentin,
> thanks a lot for the detailed recap of the opennebula-lxc situation! I'm
> personally very interested in making lxc work with OpenNebula.
> While reading the email I was thinking about telling you to try and push
> core-
> level support drivers for LXC (if we're going to go down the Libvirt route)
> instead of using the XML representation, however, after second thought I
> think
> using the XML representation would be a very wise choice, precisely because
> it
> opens support  for any other virtualization technology. It would come in
> very
> handy to have a plugin-extensible library that processes the XML
> representation
> and outputs a domain specific file, so if someone decides to add support for
> another VT to OpenNebula would only need to write a new plugin. I don't
> know how
> this fits into the current state of the lxc drivers, but having that piece
> of
> middleware would be a very cool think to have.

I agree with the above. I am trying to figure out where would that
middleware fit inside OpenNebula. It should get called before running
any VMM driver action because the VMMs would use the XML output from
the middleware. Does it make sense?

> By the way, are there any things you see missing in the XML representation
> of
> the VM required for the LXC drivers? We could always add core-level support
> for
> those missing attributes, if any.

The LXC containers need storage, network and computing resources in order
to be set up. All of those are available in the XML. As we progress
with the implementation if other attributes are needed we will discuss
them then.

> Regarding the use of lxc-* tools vs the Libvirt virsh://lxc approach, I'm
> also
> inclined towards the Libvirt approach. However it'd be interesting to know
> if
> libvirt has full support for lxc for all the VM actions OpenNebula supports.
> Does it?

Haven't had time to test all the actions but I can tell you that libvirt
LXC doesn't support reboot and shutdown. 

I am also inclined towards the libvirt approach also the PoC I am
currently working on uses the lxc-* tools.

> Anyways, really looking forward to seeing the PoC! oh, and by the way, I
> would
> be personally very interested in having a Hangout session chaired by you, so
> once you're ready we can see the lxc drivers in action and discuss the
> implementation details. Let us know if you would be up for it!

That would be really nice! Especially the discuss implementation detail

Good Will,

Valentin Bud
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