[one-users] move VM to different host

Ruben S. Montero rsmontero at opennebula.org
Wed Nov 19 01:25:34 PST 2014

If you are using 4.10, we do support migrations when a VM is in unknown
(i.e. hypervisor is down) provided there is a shared storage. Next release
(4.12) will include the ability to migrate in poweroff.

Meanwhile a work around, (there are two actually fake a hypervisor failure
to get the VM in unknown and use the previous feature or fake a migration

I've not tested this myself so watch out:

1.- Update the kvm migrate script by adding at the very beginning something

sleep 600

We want to get the VM in MIGRATE state for a while

2.- Manually move the VM: Go to the hypervisor, and shut it down (i.e.
virsh...); move the config files (those in ssh system datastore); got to
the other hypervisor and manually create the VM.

3.- use onevm recover <vmid> success, the VM should become running in the
new host. (The sleep'ed migrate operation should be ignored as the VM would

4.- Undo the changes in the migrate script.

Good Luck

On Wed Nov 19 2014 at 9:54:52 AM Karsten Nielsen <karsten at unity3d.com>

> HI,
> Is there a way to move a VM from one host to an other when migrate/live
> migrate fails.
> We are using ceph as backend and have ssh systemstore.
> A process like
> 1 poweroff VM
> 2 Move the configs
> 3 -- I guess that we should do some manual db changes --
> 4 poweron machine on new host
> Any comments would be great.
> Thanks,
> - Karsten
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