[one-users] How to fix hosts with deleted /var/tmp/one files

Jaime Melis jmelis at opennebula.org
Mon Nov 17 02:14:24 PST 2014

Hi Steven,

In several occasions in the past I have forgotten to
> tell my tmpwatch utility not to delete files out of /var/tmp/one
> and thus I have seen most of the remotes get deleted off of
> my cloud hosts, but opennebula 4.8 doesn't report any problems.

You are right, when we decided to set /var/tmp/one as the default remotes
directory we weren't aware of the tmpwatch utility.

However, in our case, when we remove /var/tmp/one the driver resends the
probes automatically:

Mon Nov 17 11:07:04 2014 [Z0][InM][D]: Monitoring host localhost (0)
Mon Nov 17 11:07:05 2014 [Z0][InM][I]: Command execution fail: 'if [ -x
"/var/tmp/one/im/run_probes" ]; then /var/tmp/one/im/run_probes kvm
/var/lib/one//datastores 4124 20 0 localhost; else
     exit 42; fi'
Mon Nov 17 11:07:05 2014 [Z0][InM][I]: ExitCode: 42
Mon Nov 17 11:07:05 2014 [Z0][InM][I]: Remote worker node files not found
Mon Nov 17 11:07:05 2014 [Z0][InM][I]: Updating remotes
Mon Nov 17 11:07:10 2014 [Z0][InM][D]: Host localhost (0) successfully

Can you find something similar to that in your log file? If you are not
seeing something like that there might be a bug somewhere or a
configuration problem. It would be great to narrow it down.

I try to fix the remotes by doing "onehost sync" and nothing happens.
> I try to disable/enable the host and nothing happens there either.
> The only thing that seems to revive it is if I actually
> onehost delete/ onehost create.

Right, you should do "onehost sync --force"

Take a look at this section:

In a nutshell you can version the probes and update specific nodes/cluster.
If there is no version change onehost sync will not do anything unless
--force is used.

IS it possible for the remotes to add an integrity check?
> They should not be reporting the host is "on" if the datastores
> directory of remotes has been totally deleted.

The automatic redeployment of probes is our way to deal with this. Let's
see if we can see why it's no working for you.

> Also is it possible to configure the directory other than the
> default /var/tmp/one?



> Finally is it possible to
> redistribute the remotes short of a onehost delete / onehost create?

With the --force flag.


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