[one-users] Easy provisioning missing from newer versions of Opennebula?

Carlos Martín Sánchez cmartin at opennebula.org
Wed Nov 5 02:11:33 PST 2014


On Tue, Nov 4, 2014 at 1:15 PM, Pentium100 <pentium100 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> I have tried Opennebula 4.2.0 and liked the easy provisioning wizard - a
> user could select a template and combine it with his persistent image to
> create a VM without the need to create a separate template.
> It seems that this function is missing from Opennebula 4.8.0, requiring
> eveyone to create a template for each VM and making the VM creation process
> complicated:
> 1) Clone, upload or create a blank image (persistent)
> 2) Create a template that uses that image
> 3) Create a VM that uses that template.
> If the user need 5 identical VMs they have to create 5 separate templates
> that differ only in the images.
> Is there a way to simplify this process? One way is to create a template
> without an image, create a VM from it, then start the VM and attach the
> image. This seems easier than creating templates for each VM, however this
> also has problems. Since attaching the disk requires the VM to be running,
> the VM is deployed with zero storage requirements, so it may be deployed to
> a host that has insufficient storage for when the user tries to add a 1TB
> image leading to problems.
> Our users use the virtual machines as VDS, so persistent images are
> important (deleting a VM may not mean I want to delete the data).

The easy provisioning wizard was deprecated in favor of the new cloud view
model, see [1] for a complete explanation of it.

So yes, you need to define a Template for each Image. It was decided that
the advantages justify that extra step.

Your example of the previous way of registering images makes a few
assumptions that will not apply to everyone. For instance, what happens if
you register 2 images with different OS architectures? You would need two
Templates with different OS/ARCH, and the users wouldn't know which one
applies to each Image.
The same goes for a heterogeneous infrastructure. If there are Images for
KVM and VMware, you need to create Templates with
SCHED_REQUIREMENTS="HYPERVISOR=xx" for each one. But the users can freely
mix a kvm template with a vmware image.
Another Template attributes coupled to a specific image: NIC_DEFAULT/MODEL.

The new model also includes new features. For example, if you as an admin
prepare an Image with a mysql server, now you can define a matching VM
Template that asks the user the mysql password they want to set when the
template is instantiated [2].


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