[one-users] Easy provisioning missing from newer versions of Opennebula?

Pentium100 pentium100 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 4 04:15:24 PST 2014


I have tried Opennebula 4.2.0 and liked the easy provisioning wizard - a
user could select a template and combine it with his persistent image to
create a VM without the need to create a separate template.

It seems that this function is missing from Opennebula 4.8.0, requiring
eveyone to create a template for each VM and making the VM creation process

1) Clone, upload or create a blank image (persistent)
2) Create a template that uses that image
3) Create a VM that uses that template.

If the user need 5 identical VMs they have to create 5 separate templates
that differ only in the images.

Is there a way to simplify this process? One way is to create a template
without an image, create a VM from it, then start the VM and attach the
image. This seems easier than creating templates for each VM, however this
also has problems. Since attaching the disk requires the VM to be running,
the VM is deployed with zero storage requirements, so it may be deployed to
a host that has insufficient storage for when the user tries to add a 1TB
image leading to problems.

Our users use the virtual machines as VDS, so persistent images are
important (deleting a VM may not mean I want to delete the data).
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