[one-users] RAW section--can it be included in <devices></devices>?

Steven C Timm timm at fnal.gov
Mon Mar 31 20:18:29 PDT 2014

I would like to configure some OpenNebula VM's to have a serial console that can be accessed via the "virsh console" command.

The following xml works if it is inserted  manually  before the </devices> tag in the deployment.0

                <serial type='pty'>
                        <target port='0'/>
                <console type='pty'>
                <target type='serial' port='0'/>

But if I put it in the RAW section it ends up outside of the </devices> tag at the very end of the xml.  Is there any way to get the RAW section inside the <devices></devices> section of the XML?

Steve Timm
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