[one-users] data store not created in VMHosts

Hyun Woo Kim hyunwoo at fnal.gov
Thu Mar 27 13:57:11 PDT 2014


I am testing the data store feature of ON 4.4 in a very simple configuration
and I am getting an error that I can NOT understand.

I have one cluster with
one img type DS (ID 1, DS=fs, T/M=ssh) and
one sys type DS   (ID 100, that I created with ssh TM)

Then I attach one VMHost to this cluster.
According to the manual, the first deployment of VM creates
datastores/100 under /var/lib/one/, right?

But in my case, the first deployed VM is pending
with an error message in sched.log saying,
 Local Datastore 100 in Host 8 filtered out. Not enough capacity.
 No suitable System DS found for Host: 8. Filtering out host.

This VM gets deployed if I manually create this directory;
mkdir -p /var/lib/one/datastores/100

This error sometimes does not happen for a certain VMHost.

So, I would like to understand why datastores/ID is created in some VMHosts
and not in other VMHosts.

if the ON developers could point me at right codes to look at,
or describe what I am doing wrong,
it will be very helpful.

Hyuwoo Kim

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