[one-users] Opennebula Scheduler

Randall Svancara rsvancara at wsu.edu
Thu Jul 31 13:04:32 PDT 2014


When I create a VM it stays in the pending state.  I had some problems 
with passwords in the database for oneadmin so i reset the passwords, 
but now none of the vm's will leave the pending state. The sched.log shows:

Thu Jul 31 10:48:50 2014 [POOL][E]: ONE returned error while retrieving 
pool info:
[VirtualMachinePoolInfo] User couldn't be authenticated, aborting call.

I can run onevm list:

     ID USER     GROUP    NAME            STAT UCPU    UMEM 
HOST             TIME
     41 oneadmin oneadmin zabbix_prod     runn    1      4G 192.168.3. 
335d 18h31
     59 rsvancar oneadmin xmpp_prod       runn    0      2G 192.168.3. 
323d 22h01
     60 rsvancar oneadmin web01.ailab.wsu runn    0      2G 192.168.3. 
323d 21h29
     61 rsvancar oneadmin Production Merc runn    0      2G 192.168.3. 
316d 21h42
     64 rsvancar oneadmin casas-test_prod unkn    0      2G 192.168.3. 
299d 22h01
     71 rsvancar oneadmin demo.ailab.wsu. unkn    0      2G 192.168.3. 
260d 01h10
     74 bthomas  oneadmin DataCollection_ runn    0      2G 192.168.3. 
250d 21h17
     75 rsvancar oneadmin CASAS-Data-Gate runn   37      8G 192.168.3. 
177d 19h54
     76 bthomas  oneadmin xmpp-test_devel runn    0      2G 192.168.3. 
168d 18h14
     80 rsvancar oneadmin UPLOAD          runn    0      8G 192.168.3. 
140d 22h27
     81 rsvancar oneadmin Jeyanthi        stop    0 2G            100d 02h09
     83 rsvancar oneadmin drupal01        pend    0 0K              0d 00h59

onehost list:
    0    CASAS Lab  10   700 / 1600 (43%)  34G / 94.4G 
(36%) on

Anyi ideas?

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