[one-users] Upload image and One daemon issue in 4.7.80

kiran ranjane kiran.ranjane at gmail.com
Thu Jul 31 07:47:04 PDT 2014


Issue 1

I have installed ONE using Ubuntu14.04 packages and I have noticed that
after a reboot one service does not start, However sunstone-server is
running, So I have to manually start one service on Ubuntu 14.04

Tried update-rc but it says that service already exits in it, Is this a bug?

Issue 2

-- Issue while uploading images from local PC.
-- When only one image is uploaded the progress bar remains stable, However
when another image is uploaded while the first is still uploading the
progress bar of the first image starts blinking continuously.

I have not set-up any web server as this is a test env and both the images
are  700 MB iso each.

Questions : Is there a way to upload images simultaneously because if one
image is uploading then the second one stays in a queue until the first one

Also there seems to be no way if I want to cancel the upload for some
reason while it is uploading from sunstone.

Kiran Ranjane
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