[one-users] VM's in State: FAILED

Mateusz Skała mateusz.skala at budikom.net
Thu Jul 17 04:55:05 PDT 2014

W dniu 2014-07-17 13:48, Ondrej Hamada napisał(a):
> Ad VM recovery, are you using any of the filesystem datastore type (are
> you able to access the raw or qcow2 files)? If yes, then there is a
> dirty way how to save your data. You can manually backup images of the
> failed VM. Then use 'delete --recreate'. When the new VM is ready, 
> power
> it off. Replace the images with the original ones and power on again.
> Ondra

It is ceph datastore. Thanks for the solution, I'will try copy rbd, 
recreate vm and attach rbd to the recreated VM. I'will post results.


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