[one-users] Adding an external VM to Open Nebula

Stuart Longland stuartl at vrt.com.au
Sun Feb 23 15:18:42 PST 2014

On 23/02/14 20:42, Poul Kristensen wrote:
> When will this be supported? I think it is quite relevant!
> I have a lot of vm's too(e.g. Redhat,Debian,Ubuntu), which I would
> like to bring into OpenNebula control. I know this is possible in
> Vmware(import) just like it is possible to export vm'sd in Vmware
> although you ! use Vmware's *.vmdk files directly with the KVM
> hypervisor.

You could try shutting down the VM, importing its disk into OpenNebula,
then recreate the virtual machine configuration as a template and start
an instance of it.

Messy, and might be troublesome if you've got software that expects a
certain configuration (i.e. MAC addresses), but it'd work.

The tricky one that I'm grappling with now is importing a Windows XP VM
from VMWare Player.  In this case, one needs to get it going in a
standalone KVM instance first before trying to import the image (as
trying to get the image going in-situ on OpenNebula is a pain).

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