[one-users] Contextualization of a VM with Centos 5.X

Fernando Felix-Redondo fernando.felix at esa.int
Wed Feb 5 02:30:47 PST 2014

Dear all,

I need to deploy a bunch of VMs with CentOS 5.9 on my ONE
infrastructure but I'm facing the problem that I'm not able to install
the opennebula-context package because is built for the CentOS 6.X and
the system complaints about the rpmlib versions.

Is there anywhere an opennebula-context package suitable for CentOS
5.X or any alternative to install the contextualization tools, please?

Fernando Felix-Redondo  [ISDEFE, S.A.]  | fernando.felix at esa.int  |
Phone: +34 91 813 1368
SMOS DPGS Operations
Computer Systems and Reliability Engineer

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