[one-users] onetemplate and dynamic names

Schroeder, Nils nils.schroeder at cewecolor.de
Wed Feb 20 01:46:39 PST 2013


I have defined a template for a class of machines. When I instantiate a bunch of these machines with onetemplate instantiate -m 2 $template I get 2 machines with the name one-$vmid.
Is it possible that the name is $userdefined_string$vmid?

I tried to put NAME = String-$VMID into the template but the name is still one-$VMID
If I put NAME = [NAME1="golden-01",NAME2="golden-02",NAME3="golden-03"] the name is also one-$VMID (For what is a Namevector for?)
If I instantiate the vms using onetemplate instantiate -m 2 -name=String-$VMID $template the name is String-

Contextualisation works fine, the hostname of the vms is as specified in the template String-$VMID

Thanks for your help,
Nils Schröder

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