[one-users] Relationship of cpu usages

Christoph Pleger Christoph.Pleger at cs.tu-dortmund.de
Fri Apr 26 00:09:32 PDT 2013


> I have a new question about that.
> On http://opennebula.org/documentation:rel3.8:kvmg, I read about cgroups:
> "So, thanks to cgroups a VM with CPU=0.5 will get half of the physical CPU
> cycles than a VM with CPU=1.0."
> How can a second VM get half of the physical CPU cycles of a first VM if
> the first VM is defined to use 100 % of the CPU cycles?

Does really nobody know that? Or was my question too difficult to
understand or just too stupid?

By the way, if every cloudnode has 64 cpu cores and a VM is defined to use
64 virtual cpus, does for example CPU=0.8 mean 80 percent of one cpu core
or 80 percent of 64 cpu cores?


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