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Of course, I prefer KVM and my personal (small) infrastructure is based 
on OpenNebula + 4 KVM Hypervisor.
My question is for another infrastructure owned by a customer who 
originally had Xen, some years ago switched to VMWare and, after a 
period full of problems (in italian was a "bagno di sangue"), has 
returned back to Xen and is satisfied by his choice. Tell him to switch 
to KVM isn't an option, but only for commercial meanings ;-)
Thanks for your reply, Debian Wheezy works like a charm!


Il 21/04/2013 10:41, Giovanni Toraldo ha scritto:
> On Sun, Apr 21, 2013 at 9:44 AM, Alberto Zuin - Liste
> <liste at albertozuin.eu> wrote:
>> If XCP isn't compatible, what is the best way to have OpenNebuka with an
>> updated xen HyperVisors (4.0-4.1)? CentOS include XEN virtualization only in
>> 5.X releases (XEN 3), Debian has a problem with blktap driver and I have to
>> use the (unsuggested) file. OpenSUSE?
> Ubuntu 12.04 should work fine, I don't remember any issue when I tried out.
> With Debian Squeeze I remember there was an unfixed bug, but it was
> solvable with a one-liner patch, and maybe they released the update.
> Or you may try with the next Debian release, it should be on the way
> to became stable.
> On the other hand, why you keep to prefer Xen instead of KVM? It's
> pretty easy to configure on any recent distro and receive faster
> updates from upstream.
> Cheers,
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