[one-users] Opennebula + Ceph error when create new image.

Stefan Ivanov s.ivanov at maxtelecom.bg
Wed Apr 10 02:52:21 PDT 2013

Hello all

There is my cluster scheme.
     - 3 ceph servers in cluster (alpha, beta, gamma)
     - Opennebula 4.0 beta on kvm virtual host.
     - On every cluster server i have kvm virtualization

Problem is:
     When i try to add image from opennebula-sunstone i get error " 
Error copying image in the datastore: Error registering data/one-15 in 
alpha". In host alpha i do not see image one-15 in ceph pool. Log with 
errors from oned.log is here: http://pastebin.com/UGi4cNnW . Any ideas?
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