[one-users] Bridge configuration missing from ovswitch driver?

Dimitris Theodorou dtheodor at nikhef.nl
Wed Mar 21 05:24:29 PDT 2012

A misunderstanding on my part. Ovswitch, unlike the Linux Bridge driver, 
needs only one bridge to function.
If for example you have two VMs in the same host, and want them to be in 
different VLANs (e.g vlan 1 and 2), with Linux bridges you accomplish 
that with

vm nic                to            physical nic
vm1:eth0 ---- vnet0 ---- br0 ---- eth0.1
vm2:eth0 ---- vnet1 ---- br1 ---- eth0.2

In ovswitch  you have

vm nic                  to                 ovs bridge
vm1:eth0 ---- vnet0 ---(tag=1)--- ovs-br0
vm2:eth0 ---- vnet1 ---(tag=2)--- ovs-br0

ovs bridge   to    physical nic
ovs-br0 ---(tags=all)--- eth0

If this is how OpenNebula suggests using ovswitch, configuring the ovs 
bridge is part of installing and configuring ovswitch on the host. Then 
you need to specify the ovs bridge in your network configurations.

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