[one-users] Changing Resources

Justin B Newman justin at ejtown.org
Mon Jun 4 14:37:51 PDT 2012

> In OpenNebula you can't dynamically edit the capacity of a VM (yet, this
> will change in the short-term).
> So, rather than modifying the "webby" VM, what you have to do is create a
> new Template based on "little" that uses the "webby" disk.
> The steps you would have to follow are:
> 1) Save the "webby" disk as an Image:
> $ onevm saveas webby 0 webby_img
> $ onevm shutdown webby
> 2) Create a new Template, based on "little", but with big capacity and the
> DISK pointing to the new "webby_img" Image.
> 3) Instantiate it
> $ onetemplate instantiate <id> --name webby

This makes sense. Thank you for the quick reply.

After I have instantiated the template, can the "temporary" image &
template be deleted, so as not to "clutter" the infrastructure.
(Specifically, so that neither is accidentally used in the future). Or
do both need to continue to exist in order for the VM to function


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