[one-users] Host resources statistical error!

刘德伟 david1228 at foxmail.com
Sun Jun 10 22:47:34 PDT 2012

   [oneadmin at container-16 ~]$ onehost list
   ID NAME               RVM   TCPU   FCPU   ACPU   TMEM   FMEM   AMEM   STAT
   9 vm-container-16      4   1600   1473   1200    16G  12.5G  19.4G     on
   AMEM(19.4G) greater than TMEM(16G), this phenomenon often appear in other environment.
   It leads to obtain XML data was wrong. 
   MEM_USAGE become negative , at the same time the virtual machine scheduling is affected, also we call to XML-RPC have an effect.
   What was the reason for the cases above ? 

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