[one-users] Changing Resources

Justin B Newman justin at ejtown.org
Mon Jun 4 08:37:06 PDT 2012

Good Morning.

I've done a test installation of OpenNebula and like what I've found
so far. Unfortunately, there are a few things that I'm having troubles
with. If there's a page that describes how to do this, please refer me
... I've googled extensively, but perhaps my GoogleFoo is lacking.

For sake of conversation, let's assume:

I have 1 image, "squeeze".
I have 2 templates, "big" and "little". (Both use image "squeeze").
I have 2 virtual machines, "webby" and "webster" built on the template little.

It turns out that the little template is just too little for "webby".
I need to upgrade the capacity to be that of the template "big".

Can someone outline for me the steps that are necessary for this,
assuming I am willing to do a restart of the VM?

Many thanks in advance for any assistance,


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