[one-users] OPENNEBULA 3.4.1 :Setup a HIGH-AVAILABILITY environment using Ubuntu 12.04, MySQL, DRBD and Heartbeat

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Mon Jun 4 04:23:09 PDT 2012

           It is a pleasure to post something new on Monday, to exhale the stress of a ruined week-end  :) 

My new tutorial is titled : "OPENNEBULA 3.4.1 :Setup a DATA HIGH-AVAILABILITY  environment using Ubuntu 12.04, MySQL, DRBD and Heartbeat".


[Already updated in OpenNebula wiki]

“High availability” refers to the practice of keeping online resources available through node failure or system maintenance.

As usual, this tutorial teaches you to setup a DATA HIGH-AVAILABILITY environment but with minimum hardware resources and some easy steps. Hardware:  I am using just 2 VT enabled Intel Xeon Servers and a normal Intel dual core Windows XP laptop with 2GB Ram for having remote sessions and VSphere client.
 Software packages : MySQL,DRBD and Heartbeat packages already available with Ubuntu 12.04 will be used, so that installation and setup will be a bit easy.
You may like or dislike this tutorial, but please post your comments to cloud.b.lab at zoho.com. Any sort of  criticisms will only encourage me  and will generate additional positive energy to work and contribute more!!!

Thanks & Regards,
Anil Kumar
Cloud-b-lab , India

mail: cloud.b.lab at zoho.com

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