[one-users] CentOS + OpenNebula feedback

Alexandros Soumplis soumplis at ekt.gr
Fri Dec 7 06:59:10 PST 2012

I have just installed opennebula through the testing repo in order to 
test how well integrates with gluster fs. So here are some remarks 
regarding the documentation and installation process.

1. After installing the opennebula-node-kvm rpm the directory 
/var/lib/one/datastores is not created, thus there is a little mismatch 
with [2] where it takes for granted (under "Configure NFS") that this 
directory exists

2. On [2] the "Configure SSH passwordless login" fails at the scp step 
due to the fact that no pub keys exist on the remote server. I think the 
documentation should mention the need for creation of a .ssh directory 
and manual copy of authorized_keys with appropriate permissions. It 
should also mention that due to the limitation of SElinux it should 
either be disabled or configured adequately to allow ssh logins when the 
home dir is under /var/lib

3. On [2] under the section "A Basic Run" and "Starting OpenNebula's 
services" there is some mismatch between shell prompts and commands (ex.

# sudo su - oneadmin

should be

# su - oneadmin


     $ service opennebula start
     $ service opennebula-sunstone start
     $ service opennebula-occi start

should be:

     $ sudo service opennebula start
     $ sudo service opennebula-sunstone start
     $ sudo service opennebula-occi start


     # service opennebula start
     # service opennebula-sunstone start
     # service opennebula-occi start

4. I am not sure but I think the first time you start the services you 
should start opennebula-occi befora opennebula-sunstone or else you get 
an error similar to "[UserPoolInfo] User couldn't be authenticated, 
aborting call."

5.  By default sunstone binds to I think this is not desired 
as I suppose the vast majority of installations require remote access to 

On 03/12/2012 08:46 ??, Jaime Melis wrote:
> Dear all,
> OpenNebula is in its way to be included in the official CentOS repos. 
> The packages are already in the 'testing' repo, and we need some 
> feedback to move them to the official repos.
> To make it more fun for everybody we will send an OpenNebula T-Shirt 
> and some stickers to the 10 best feedbacks we receive by next monday!
> Some guidelines:
> - Deadline is Monday 10th December, 18:00 CET
> - We need feedback for the packages [1], the Quickstart guide [2] and 
> the CentOS-OpenNebula images [3].
> - Patches for the packages are more than welcome!! [4]
> - Submit your feedback to this thread
> [1] http://dev.centos.org/centos/6/opennebula/
> [2] http://wiki.centos.org/Cloud/OpenNebula/QuickStart
> [3] http://wiki.centos.org/Cloud/OpenNebula
> [4] https://nazar.karan.org/tree/misc!opennebula.git/refs!heads!misc 
> <https://nazar.karan.org/tree/misc%21opennebula.git/refs%21heads%21misc>
> Good luck!
> cheers,
> Jaime
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