[one-users] regular monitoring logged in oned.log

Hyun Woo Kim hyunwoo at fnal.gov
Sat Dec 22 11:14:09 PST 2012

I observe the following repeated messages in oned.log

1. Every 30 seconds
   - HostPoolInfo 
   - VirtualMachinePoolInfo
   - AclInfo

2. Every 10 minutes
   - Monitoring VM "all IDs"
   - Monitoring host "all names"

3. Every hour(:20)
   - UserInfo
   - VirtualMachineInfo

4. Every 15 minutes(00, 15, 30, 45)
   - VirtualMachineInfo

I understand (1) is controlled by SCHED_INTERVAL in sched.conf
and conducted by the sched daemon.

I understand (2) is controlled by the two variables in oned.conf
and conducted by VMM.

I would like to know which part of opennebula code conducts (3).

Thanks in advance..


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