[one-users] Opennebula 3.0 RC1 and B2 oneacctd problems

Alberto Picón Couselo alpicon1 at gmail.com
Sat Sep 24 12:14:15 PDT 2011

Hello again, Hector.

Removing oneacctd.db solved our issue.

We have changed DB backend for oneacctd to mySQL using your guideline.

Thank you very much for your help,
Best Regards,
Alberto Picón

El 24/09/2011 15:32, Héctor Sanjuán escribió:


By default, oneacctd saves data in a sqlite database which is different
from the OpenNebula backend DB (this can be changed [1])

Since your error is related to sqlite, you can try to remove the old DB
in /var/one/oneacctd.db and restart oneacctd.



El 24/09/11 12:15, Alberto Picón Couselo escribió:


We have been testing OpenNebula 3.0 Beta1, Beta 2 and RC1 and we have a
problem that we would like to comment.

oneacctd refuses to start after upgrading from Beta1 to Beta2 (we have
the same problem in RC1). Opennebula 3.0 uses MySQL as backend:

DB = [ backend = "mysql",
        server  = "localhost",
        port    = 0,
        user    = "oneadmin",
        passwd  = "mypassword",
        db_name = "opennebula" ]

oneadmin@:~$ oneacctd start
Error executing oneacctd.
Check /var/log/one/oneacctd.log for more information
oneadmin@:~$ cat /var/log/one/oneacctd.log
Sat Sep 24 11:29:04 +0200 2011 OneWatch::VmMonitoring
/usr/lib/ruby/1.8/sqlite3/errors.rb:62:in `check':
SQLite3::SQLException: table vm_samples has no column named cpu_usage

Can you please give us any advice or workaround?

Best Regards,
Alberto Picón

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