[one-users] changing virtual network "online"

Fabian Wenk fabian at wenks.ch
Wed Sep 21 17:00:45 PDT 2011

Hello Samuel

On 21.09.11 14:45, samuel wrote:
> I've just wondering whether is it possible to change the virtual network
> that a virtual machine is attached once it has been working (deploy->run).

With 'onevnet' you can change some settings of an network, eg. 
leases / mac addresses. But as I understand, you try to modify 
stuff which belongs to the VM itself.

> I've tried to modify the deployment.0 file but it did not affect the new
> restarted machine. Might be a problem with the underlying MySQL database
> that has to be also changed?

As far as I know, it is currently not supported to change an 
already running VM.

> Use Case:
> *create a new virtual machine and just forgot to attach a virtual network
> *modify a virtual network (in case of VLAN change)
> *attach a new interface to a running machine.

The steps which could work, and will give minimum downtime are 
probably the following:

- update your VM template with the new / changed network / NIC
- run 'onevm shutdown <vm_id>' (with a registered persistent disk 
image, all the modifications in the VM are preserved).
- wait until shutdown has completed, check with 'onevm list' or 
better 'onevm top'
- run 'onevm create <template>' and the same VM will boot up (now 
with a different VM ID, but with the same registered persistent 
disk image)


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