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Tue Sep 20 09:07:29 PDT 2011


Humberto N. Castejon Martinez wrote on 20/09/11 17:17:
> Hi,
> I am running Opennebula 2.1.8. When specifying the context for a VM, if
> I specify a URL in the "files" attribute, the contextualization fails.
> Consider, for example, the following context:
> CONTEXT=[ files="http://domain.com/test.xml" ]
> When I try to create the VM with such context, I get the following error
> message:
> tm_context.sh: Executed "mkdir -p /srv/cloud/one/var//106/images/isofiles".
> tm_context.sh: Executed "cp -R /srv/cloud/one/var/106/context.sh
> /srv/cloud/one/var//106/images/isofiles".
> tm_context.sh: ERROR: Command "/usr/bin/wget -O
> /srv/cloud/one/var//106/images/isofiles http://domain.com/test.xml" failed.
as far as I understand the file (http://domain.com/test.xml) needs to be 
put into isofiles dir ( /srv/cloud/one/var//106/images/isofiles) whereas 
-O option for wget means that file has to be saved as one specified in 
argument of -O option.
I would try to replace -O option of wget command in line
exec_and_log "$WGET -O $ISO_DIR $f"

of  $ONE_LOCATION/lib/tm_commands/<driver>/tm_context.sh file by -P 
option i.e.

exec_and_log "$WGET -P $ISO_DIR $f"


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